I love nature for the gods do too.

I am a devout polytheist, and I do not know if the gods exist. We are the same religion, you and I; we both make offerings, we both love the old stories, and we should never let a foreign concept like “faith” come between us.

Drew Jacob, quoted again, because he gave the perfect elevator pitch of my view on polytheism on Celtic Polytheism. I am a devout polytheist too, and I too do not now if the gods exist. I love the old stories, and I make offerings to the gods, but I also honour the sun and moon, rivers and trees for themselves alone, not just as symbols of the gods.

I love nature and the gods love it too.

I love the gods and I love nature.
This is not a contradiction.
And neither of them minds at all.
The sun and moon are too busy with shining.
The winds just blow and howl
And if the gods are real, they like nature too.

Lugh pays the lightning honour when his spear hits Balor’s eye.
Brighid honours spring’s blossoming, whenever she walks by.
Manannán mac Lir, son of the sea itself, loves to ride the waves,
Epona loves the plains on which the horses can run.
Who would Cernunnos be, if there were no woods to hunt in?

And if the gods love and honour nature, why should not I?

26 snowdon copy
I loved being up Snowdon, Gwynedd Wales, how about the gods?
And the coast of Gower Peninsula
I loved climbing Pen-y-Fan.
I loved climbing Pen-y-Fan.
And walking behind Sgwd yr Eira
And walking behind Sgwd yr Eira

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3 thoughts on “I love nature for the gods do too.

    1. You’re welcome! John Michael Greer did not intend this analogy to serve this specific purpose I think, but if it does the job, use it. The book itself is interesting too. Though not everything made equal sense to me, A World full of Gods is rather unique in its kind.

  1. Great post!

    I also came to paganism because I love nature. The gods came later. If the gods exist, they are a part of nature just like I am, and nature is bigger than all of us.

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