D is for doxology (and despair and anger)

My previous faith was not so happy with anger. God got to express it – the rest of us didn’t. (…) The myths from which I draw inspiration today have a lot of destructive anger flying all over the place. Dian Cecht killing his son and cursing his daughter, from enraged jealousy at their superior talent. Lugh and the sons of Tuireann – they kill his father, he takes extensive revenge, and tragedy is heaped upon tragedy. Macha cursing the men of Ulster, on down the generations, forever. These are my gods.

via D is for… Doxology.

Please read this powerful confessional by Léithin Cluan.

Our myths mirror life as it is, not how we wish it to be.
Tragedy, destruction, depression, it is all there.

As of yet, I kept the most personal stuff off my blog. But the personal is powerful. The gods want me to be me, a better me perhaps, but not a perfect me, or a miserable me who tries to be perfect and then gives up all-together. I know so. Perhaps it is time to live accordingly. Who knows, writing about it may prove to be cathartic. At the very least … it is real.


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