Setting free the gods

Sannion wrote it. Galina wrote it. And many others have felt the need to unbox the gods this week. But Melitta Benu’s words are the ones that carve the deepest. Maybe it’s because she is thinking of Persephone. These words have power. They ring true.

“You can’t put the gods in a box and expect them to fit the confines of that space, AT ALL. I can’t think of any god that fits the box of human conception. The god is the space in the box, the god is the four walls, the ceiling and the floor that make up the box. The god is all that lies outside of the box, the god is what causes the box to be made and the box to be destroyed. The god is the maker of the concept of boxness and will destroy it when the concept no longer suits it’s purpose.”

Even if my experiences of the gods are different and less forceful, these words call to me. They speak to ME. At this moment I do not care what the gods are.
They are.

And to me, writing about the gods in this fashion, chains them. These people do not sound like gods at all. The gods are bigger than our imaginings surely, but often I feel the problem is a total lack of imagination rather than overkill.

Set the gods free!


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