Apples all round

Manannán is a god of orchards.
Nehalennia is a goddess of apples harvested and baked into pies.
Idunn’s the goddess of the apples untouched on the tree.
Aengus, in my mind, is the god of cider.

I need to know about apples and their gods.
I cannot eat raw apples and move. It is the one fruit that is sure to nauseate me.

I have just realised that all the gods that I am attracted to, have some connection to apples, even Persephone, the pomegranate queen. Pomegranate in Dutch is ‘granaatappel’  (grenade apple). And the base word ‘pomme’ is French for apple.

Apples all round.

Idunn’s basket by Dabygos Studio

The Theft of Idun’s Apples, using puppets:

Apples exhibit the three primal colours (red skin, white flesh, black seeds) and, like all other natural phenomena with this property, are a manifestation of Otherworld power. We have seen that the dead are thought to eventually  reach Eamhain Abhlach, the land of apple trees, where Manannán Mac Lir has prepared the Otherworld Feast for their eternal enjoyment, and it is possible that the Otherworld apples, eaten by the worthy dead, were considered to be agents of that final spiritual transformation.

from The Celtic Apple Branch by Alexei Kondratiev, p.119

One thought on “Apples all round

  1. The Romans also had the goddess Pomona. She is the goddess of fruit trees and orchards. Her name comes from the Latin pomum (fruit). Also interesting is that the French word for apple is Pomme. She is also awesome~

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