Disturber of …

Disturber of soil
Ploughing the virgin ground

Disturber of dreams
Unsettling peaceful sleepers

Disturber of discipline
Making workers late,
or useless

Disturber of the proper order
Inciting rebellion
Dethroning the powerful
Distracting students into shaming their teachers

Disturber of the loins

God of elopements and gap-years,
of contract breaches and abandoning ship,
being the devil’s advocate,
crashing parties,
hard physical labour,
heretics and outcasts,
ex-pats and asylum seekers.

God to those to whom things comes easily
and those who choose a brutally simple life.
sheltering the dispossessed and the homeless
fostering the orphaned.

Lord of play,
word play,
light music
fun and games,
and serious hight-bet games too,
of whistling and whistle-blowing,
The great risk-taker, he is.

Light but not soft
Hard but not rigid

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