Me, me, me

I am in search of the gods. I want to meet them. In the great outdoors, in liturgy, in books, in folk festivals, ecstasy, anywhere I can find them. And when I find them, I want to share those moments with you. And as god-loving Pagans can be very interesting and sometimes quite hilarious themselves, I will write about them too.

I live in the wet and grey flatlands known as the Low Countries. I am therefore more prone to meet gods who seem to that sort of thing. But Proserpina / Persephone has shown herself to me before, and it hard to refuse a god as lovely as her. So I will try not to box myself in a too small a box. For this is an adventure.

After a decade of being more or less an armchair pagan, and a bit settled in my ways, I am trying to be more daring, live more dangerously, and look for new ways to connect to the gods, the ancestors, and the creatures of the natural world. This means developing a religious routine, but also includes taking up boxing, travelling and finding like-minded seekers. Yes, and it includes blogging too.

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