Beautiful ravens

Watching Game of Thrones put ravens into my mind.
And Galina Krasskova also did something to that effect.

Dynamic Raven by Martin Hsu. Available at
Dynamic Raven by Martin Hsu. Available at
Raven Art Drawing by Lauren Gray. Available at Etsy-store TheHauntedHollowTree
Ravens by Masahisa Fukase
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Gundestrup Cauldron

Last summer I visited a friend in Dublin. I also visited the National Museum of Archaeology. The visit was free of charge and amazing. The bog bodies impressed me the most. To block out the light, the bodies were placed in a spiral-like cardboard box. Thus meeting a bog body was a gradual process. And […]

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Wilder Mann & book envy

I was first made aware of Charles Fréger’s art about three months ago. And now I want to promote his latest book Wilder Mann. I want these photographs to go viral. But please, do not just visit the National Geographic website, go to his own or better yet, find a way to go to one […]

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Aengus and Caer

Aengus and Caer – by Nadi Spencer

“I am Aengus; men call me the Young. I am the sunlight in the heart, the moonlight in the mind; I am the light at the end of every dream, the voice for ever calling to come away; I am desire beyond joy or tears. Come with me, come with me: I will make you immortal; for my palace opens into the Gardens of the Sun, and there are the fire-fountains which quench the heart’s desire in rapture.”*

I wonder what women call him.

*Evans-Wentz, W.Y. (1911). The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries. Sacred texts.

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In defence of imagining the gods

I own the Celtic Wisdom Tarot. All the writing in the accompanying book is rubbish. The triple mother goddess of the Celts is often mentioned. And Brigantia en Brigid are declared to be really the same, even if they are portrayed on two different cards (which makes one wonder). The brief and shallow descriptions do […]

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