Letters to Poseidon

It is a rare thing to find novels which depict the gods. It is even more rare to find gods in the writing of non-Pagan non-fiction writers who are also Dutch. And this is exactly what I have found. Cees Nooteboom is a Dutch author whose travel literature I adore. His latest book is a […]

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Wilder Mann & book envy

I was first made aware of Charles Fréger’s art about three months ago. And now I want to promote his latest book Wilder Mann. I want these photographs to go viral. But please, do not just visit the National Geographic website, go to his own or better yet, find a way to go to one […]

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Circles offer me no protection.

All sacred circles put you “betwixt and between”, the make you feel alone but vulnerable to the eyes that watch. From where? Deep in the trees. From the sky above. From earlier ages. Stepping into any circle’s centre – whether of trees or standing stones – is to make yourself at once vulnerable to the […]

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