Songs for Aengus Og

1. Sweet Disposition – Temper Trap 2. Metamorphosis – Peter Glass 3. Love Theme / Arrest – David Hirschfelder 4. Birds – Emiliana Torrini 5. Prince Briotanách – Clannad 6. Fools rush in = Bow Wow Wow 7. Perth – Bon Iver 8. Gently Johnny – Paul Giovanni 9. Violence and Variations – Bear McCreary

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On heroic living

How to write about heroism without sounding like a pompous ass? I am not a hero, or a teacher of heroes or the bloody Pagan pope. For there can only be one … and it simply is not my style. My voice is not the voice of solemn authority, nor that of the satyr. But […]

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Honest about headcovering

When I pray, I cover my head. Coincidently I also cover my hair, but that is not my intent of purpose. When I stand before the gods I cover my head. I believe I would do the same if I were completely bald. For many women covering is precisely about their hair. They dyeing or […]

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Gundestrup Cauldron

Last summer I visited a friend in Dublin. I also visited the National Museum of Archaeology. The visit was free of charge and amazing. The bog bodies impressed me the most. To block out the light, the bodies were placed in a spiral-like cardboard box. Thus meeting a bog body was a gradual process. And […]

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G is for great writers

One of the downsides of being a non-native English speaker, is that I cannot for the life of me think of a word starting with the letter ‘g’. I can hold a perfect conversation, but coming up with random words is proving difficult. I believed I needed the Pagan Blog Project and the order of […]

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