Songs for Aengus Og

1. Sweet Disposition – Temper Trap 2. Metamorphosis – Peter Glass 3. Love Theme / Arrest – David Hirschfelder 4. Birds – Emiliana Torrini 5. Prince Briotanách – Clannad 6. Fools rush in = Bow Wow Wow 7. Perth – Bon Iver 8. Gently Johnny – Paul Giovanni 9. Violence and Variations – Bear McCreary […]

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On heroic living

How to write about heroism without sounding like a pompous ass? I am not a hero, or a teacher of heroes or the bloody Pagan pope. For there can only be one … and it simply is not my style. My voice is not the voice of solemn authority, nor that of the satyr. But […]

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Honest about headcovering

When I pray, I cover my head. Coincidently I also cover my hair, but that is not my intent of purpose. When I stand before the gods I cover my head. I believe I would do the same if I were completely bald. For many women covering is precisely about their hair. They dyeing or […]

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