Letters to Poseidon

It is a rare thing to find novels which depict the gods. It is even more rare to find gods in the writing of non-Pagan non-fiction writers who are also Dutch. And this is exactly what I have found. Cees Nooteboom is a Dutch author whose travel literature I adore. His latest book is a […]

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Gundestrup Cauldron

Last summer I visited a friend in Dublin. I also visited the National Museum of Archaeology. The visit was free of charge and amazing. The bog bodies impressed me the most. To block out the light, the bodies were placed in a spiral-like cardboard box. Thus meeting a bog body was a gradual process. And […]

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He likes bridges

He likes bridges, bridges over rivers. And when I cross them I am truly lost, lost between the worlds and I need to hold his hand. He walks the cliffs that are too steep to be walked. He is not a sea-god to me. A ferry crossed the ocean waves and he was not there. […]

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Fomorians – the shadow gods

Before the Olymians there were the Titans.  Before the Asir there were the Jotunn. And before the Tuatha de Danann there were the Fomorians. These peoples war and marry each other. The Asir made love to Jotunfolk, the Tuatha married Fomorians wives. Even Thor, the great giant-slayer, loved and impregnated Jotun women. The different godly […]

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Hymn to Proserpine

We know they are cruel as love or life, and lovely as death. O Gods dethroned and deceased, cast forth, wiped out in a day! From your wrath is the world released, redeemed from your chains, men say. New Gods are crowned in the city; their flowers have broken your rods; They are merciful, clothed […]

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Setting free the gods

Sannion wrote it. Galina wrote it. And many others have felt the need to unbox the gods this week. But Melitta Benu’s words are the ones that carve the deepest. Maybe it’s because she is thinking of Persephone. These words have power. They ring true. “You can’t put the gods in a box and expect […]

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Endless love and its boundaries

Today Teo Bishop asks where love fits in into Pagan and polytheistic traditions. Read the whole article and its comments before returning here. I agree that love is a worthy topic for Pagan discussion. The word does indeed not seem to coined very often, or is it? I have the impression that Pagans often prefer […]

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